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:: Friday, September 27, 2002 ::

To comment a little: 60 is ALL, what else do I have to say? And it describes me, haha. 61 is a classic-bring on middle school! woohooo! 62 basically describes my college existance? Ok, thats going too far. But yeah. 63, wow, I used to listen to this song every nite before I went to sleep. Billy Corgan is a genius, I dont care what anyone thinks (blatant throw in that I shook his hand:). 64 is fun, normally scott reynolds is speeding thru the lyrics but this reminds me of this restaurant my family used to go to and a guy played the piano, what was his name? It's out past Warrenton. Memories. 65 will be forever dedicated to Adam T. Deck. 66 is a newer addition but I love it all the is 67 which is I think the first ED song I heard and I really enjoyed them playing at MWC. 68 is phenomenal, SDRE is amazing. 69 makes me cry. And Van, do you remember in Delaware when Brian S played it? hehe. Cool. OK, I just realized I wrote "69 makes me cry" lets not have dirty minds please. Thanks. I can play 69 too;) Muahha, no really, I can.

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