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:: Sunday, September 29, 2002 ::

Okay so i'm at work at its 8:15 on sunday morning. But this week...i'm not going to complain about my job...only to two special people...scarlet and myself. Then maybe perhaps my job will get better? Do you think? OH MAN...season premiere of ALIAS tonight...i have been waiting since the middle of May for this episode...Vaughn is still drowning in that underground laboratory that filled up with water after sydney destroyed the circumferance. oh....such awesome quality television also.

Okay, so i wont complain about work but i will complain about my roomate. This roomate is so naive and so self centered it makes me so mad. I just want to say "step outside of yourself for one moment" But i cant. Because we are all still at that "getting to know you" phase.

But something i do not understand is how people can just have a total lack of respect for you place in a situation.

Oh well...i have to go to work.

:: Julianne 8:20 AM [+] ::
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