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:: Thursday, September 19, 2002 ::

Okay i know that its been so long, but i was without internet and i'm afraid to blog at work unless no one else is around...and guess one else is around right now, so i'm all in the clear...

Things that have happened in my blogging absense:

~i have gotten semi settled into my new place (my mom is coming up this weekend to help me make everything look homey)
~i have begun to dispise my job
~i got a cell phone bill that was twice the normal amount (opps)
~i got a parking ticket for forgetting to put my parking permit on
~i found out i pay $25 more then my roomate who has a bigger and cooler room
~i found an awesome gym to work out at (yay federal hill fitness!)--flatscreen tv's on every piece of cardio equipment!
~i found an awesome bar to hang out at (yay ropewalk)
~i have two pretty cool roomates (jury is still out, but they arent too annoying yet...but i think i'm the most annoying of them all)
~i have the best porch in baltimore...its totally a make out guys...start lining up at 1339 S Hanover...
~i have cried almost EVERY single night i've been here (dont ask why...i just have emotional know youve had um too)
~i went out with Matt H. and got to hang with Lizzie (did i mention i beat matt in fooseball?)
~i've acquired AIM again so i'm back online when i'm at work (bach1160)
~i've realized i fucked up not going to london
~but i'm happy that i get to be close to scarls so we can watch the season premiere of Alias together!

So, thats that! Cheers you guys...i'm glad to be "back"

:: Julianne 5:39 PM [+] ::
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