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:: Monday, August 26, 2002 ::

Please insert the "thoughts on singledom" monologue made by myself at the FINAL KEGGER (celebrating four years of drunken absurdity) here.

Thank you.

ugh...i got my business cards today, and as if i wasnt feeling lonely and inadequate enough for being single, instead of just having my name typed out it says "MISS julianne wallace". It also doesnt help that it says "Assistant to the Director of Music and Youth Programsj" (yes that is a typo and while were on it, isnt that the worst title, doesnt it make it sound like i'm an assistant to the director or music and youth, while in actuality, i'm the DIRECTOR? I'm the Pastoral Director's Assistant, and thats what they were hinting at, but they got it all wrong on my business card, why did i have to be in europe when the created this whole mockery of my life? WHY?

Well, i guess my life could be worse, my Deer Park Water could have been stolen...

:: Julianne 10:45 PM [+] ::
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