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:: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 ::

HEY HOE! Its my last day of freedom before i have to go back to work. I'm kinda strangely looking forward to going back to that is strange cause i know its going to be a bitch catching up on all this stuff. But, I'm sure some good will come out of it. So today i'm going to relax some more, i do have to get a few things done apartment wise...i'm so excited about my new place. The view is SO awesome...i'm going to have to show all of you it...its just so beautiful. Lets see what else can i blog about. My throat STILL hurts...its now on the other side, so i'm trying to eat alot of ice so it will be numb, i think marsha thinks i'm insane eating so much ice all the time. Either that or she knows about the sexual frustration issues...hehe...

Okay so i guess thats really all for now, but i'll keep you updated as usual as to the crazy life of julianne...

:: Julianne 11:12 AM [+] ::
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