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:: Sunday, August 25, 2002 ::

Ahhh...another week in the life of julianne will be spent working...oh well, i guess i should just get used to it. This weekend was peaceful...except for church this morning...oh that was such a struggle. But on the bright side, i got to have coffee with cynthia so that was fun and refreshing. Then i did laundry...and boy i did enough laundry to last me a whole month. Maybe i wont have to do anymore until i have to move, wouldnt that be nice. I am in major need of some chocolate...i have to go grocery shopping yesterday so i think i will have to get some cookies or brownies or something special like that. Whew, is it ever going to cool down in the district? Someone let me know!

:: Julianne 10:13 PM [+] ::
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