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:: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 ::

This snot-nosed little brat at the pool stole my expensive goggles and we had a sting operation to get them back. Yesterday Dale asked her if they were her's and she said "My dad got them at Wal-Mart" oh nono, first mistake little girl-Wal Mart doesn't sell those kinds. Then Dale interrogated her some more and eventually told her she thought she was lying. Then today, as I've been told second handedly, Jenn and Courtney asked her about them and had a conversation something like this:
C+J- Are those yours?
Stupid Girl- Yes
C+J- Where did you get them from?
Stupid Girl- My dad
C+J- Are you sure?
Stupid Girl- Uhhhh
C+J- Well, we think they're someone elses..Give them to us.
Stupid Girl- They're mine!
C+J- Well, if they're yours have your mom call us
Stupid Girl- But they're mine.
C+J- We can call her right now.
Stupid Girl- You dont' have the number
C+J- We have it in our files
Stupid Girl- She's at work
C+J- We have that number too
Stupid Girl- No you don't
C+J- Oh but we do...Give them to us.

YAY FOR COURTNEY AND JENN!!! THANKS GUYS....Now, Wouldn't it suck if they WERE hers, muhahahha!

Swim meet tonite versus the country club, oooh lala.

:: Miss Scarlet 3:09 PM [+] ::
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