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:: Thursday, July 11, 2002 ::

I need to vent, and this is going to be the place:
Ok, my day was going fine until about 8:15 when the Board meeting at the pool had been going on for about an hour and the big kids were having their practice. I dont know why but everyone was talking so freaking much and it was driving me crazy. I understand noone is going to sit and wait for their turn to swim quietly but ohmygawd there is NO need to practice handstands! and how many times do I have to yell "GET OFF OF THE ROPES" to 12 year olds before they stop doing it? Apparently, a lot. So I was nice and had them do a tredding water contest. And this is when one of the Board members comes over to ask me a question about the food being ordered, which by the way I don't mind ordering but I don't know if it already has, erg! So when I finished talking to her I turn back around to find like 5 swimmers either on the rope or dunking people. AHHHHH! So I attempted to give them a stern "DONT TOUCH THE ROPES!" then we did the contest. Which went ok... Then I said we should do a relay for the last 10 minutes of practice. And I let them have captains and choose their own teams. But "You take lane 3" and "YOU take lane 4" doesn't seem to register with some kids. I just don't understand sometimes if people think. So that was all annoying and it doesn't help that I have no assistant coach who can be prepping one side while I get the other one ready. *sigh* I mean *scream*. So we did that and basically the talking was pushing me over the edge. Some kids just don't know when to be quiet. Like, when I am talking to someone else and they interrupt I can't stand it. And then the Board (aka Satan and her demons) asks me when I am working tomorrow and if I can order the food. Like I said, Yes, I can but I don't know if it has been already...AHHHH! By this point I'm ready to scream and jump int he pool and breathe in some water, but I resisted. Which I shouldnt' have done because everyone kept talking and maybe the problem is that I'm burned out at the pool because I am there for 12 hours at a time, I don't know. Then the Board puts up a note to me and Dale (the manager) and it says:
1) Vacuum baby pool tomorrow, FIRST THING! (Ok, I'd love to and I attempted to do that on Sunday but the damned thing is broken and if you'd hire a competant pool guy we wouldn't have a disfunctioning pool....See, the Board knows nothing about pools, they just react to what they see and hear)
2) Order the food tomorrow! (One more time "I DONT KNOW IF DALE DID ALREADY!")
3) Empty skimmer buckets daily (Too bad Courtney and I did empty them today. And it's not my fault everyone is so damn lazy. I cleaned out the hair skimmer today and it was DISGUSTING! I should have put that in someone's car....And doens't ANYONE ever backwash besides me?)
4) No tabs, ever. (whatever, I didn't let anyone have a tab.

So, if anyone from the pool happens to read this, oops;) I'm just really annoyed and I take comments about my performance very, Don't mess with me.


ps. And don't check up on me, if you tell me Sunday, Don't change it to Friday.

:: Miss Scarlet 9:52 PM [+] ::
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