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:: Saturday, July 06, 2002 ::

Hey! I bought a digital camera today, so i have a new toy. Last night i went out with mky two (hopefully) new friends, Rob and Shawn (note: still dont know how Sean or Shawn likes his name spelled but, so from now on he will be referred to as LTM (low tolerance man)...Anyway, we went to this half australian and half irish bar, it was fun and the cover band was pretty good. Hopefully i'll have some new friends to hang out could they not like my wonderful charms...and btw, i can drink circles around the both of them!

Quotes from the night:
Julianne: you mean MY birthday?
Rob: okay fine i'm a quarter note and youre a whole note...
Sean: well then I'M a double whole note!
(note: i was very impressed that these two boys could talk like music majors...)

Sean: (in referance to the bassist): Man his fingers were awesome (well any adjective will really work)...

Thats it for now, ciao!

:: Julianne 3:36 PM [+] ::
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