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:: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 ::

Even though I blog the most I have decided I need to blog more. Maybe more for myself than any of you jokers. Our meet last nite went very well. It's such a bust that we dont have more people bc we honestly could have won last nite. Three people in each event score but in a few we only have 2 which is NOT helping. This was our one chance (in like 3 years) *sigh*. Oh well, we were all excited to have gotten so many points. Go team! Our LAST regular meet is next Tuesday, I'm sorta sad. I'm definitely sick of being at the pool every waking hour (except this one;) but I love meets and making relays and all that jazz. I also like to spoil Ali and make her my favorite, man she gets away with anything, hehe. I was deciding awards earlier, I have to turn in the trophy order soon. I hope we have enough money for everyone to get one.
On Monday I bought A Knight's Tale (HOT! as Rena would say) and Rock and Roll High School. Along with some Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Verdi. I am officially a music NERD! Ali and I watched A Knight's Tale yesterday (I had seen it before, she had not). I really like that movie. It's not "Good" as some snobby people would say but it's damn entertaining....and well.....Heath Ledger IS hot. Today we watched Ali's newly purchased DVD Me, Myself and Irene which is so effing funny. One of, if not the best, Jimy Carrey movie. HAHAH! Then we started to watch Gladiator bc Ali had never finished it but then my mom got home so Ali went to her room and I worked on swim team stuff......which is basically all I do.
And that's all. I am *not* going to see Coheed and Cambria tonite:( Vanessa and Anna both had to work late, bust. And I would totally fall asleep if I tried to go alone. It's ok though, I am looking forward to Count Me Out on Saturday.
PAY DAY TOMORROW! By the way, it SHOULD be spelled p-a-y-e-d.....if you think about it. And "BUSED" what the hell kind of word is that? I hate it, I always read it with a long "U" sound and get confused then have to reread it. Dispicable! (how is that spelled? man, 2 months out of school and can we say STRUGGLE??!!?!?!!)


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