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:: Thursday, June 27, 2002 ::

Today is driving me crazy...and you'd think it be over, but i drank coffee way late and i'm just not tired enough to sleep, plus i'm having other issues...

Little things that sucked today:
~Had to pay 23 bucks to reknew a liscense i'm not going to ever use
~Damn library protects there cds so i cant burn them...
~Didnt get a full workout at the gym cause i was so tired...(wont get a good one tom. either cause i'll be tired)
~Didnt get any packing done
~Just cant find a hotel in prague
~Got rear ended by a pseudo-friend...ERG ERG ERG

Okay nothing with neil went wrong today, its just more like, i hate the fact that my best friend wont ever talk to me ever again cause his girlfriend sucks ass. I'm having real anger issues with this and i cant deal with it anymore.

Thats it for me...

:: Julianne 2:54 AM [+] ::
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