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:: Monday, June 24, 2002 ::

Screw getting old...cant i stay 22 forever? I mean, it was a good age, even though ALOT of crap happened, i think all the good stuff balenced all the crap out and for once i hit a nice equalibrium. Maybe its just all up from here, which would mean next year will be on the positive side of thigns...and then the next, and the next...whoa...cant wait till I'm 23!!!!!!!!!

So, tonight i watched Oceans 11 with my friend Tim. Need i remind anyway that brad pitt, george clooney AND matt damon in one movie is just almost unbearable for any human female. Whoa, tim had to hold me back from the TV.

Brad Pitt cannot be beat in fight club though. Oh the pelvic line...

Okay, time for some munchies...more later...

:: Julianne 2:26 AM [+] ::
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