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:: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 ::

Yay I love the idea of senior skip day!! That's one crazy dream Jules. My head feels like it's going to explode it must have been that wine cooler I had this afternoon right after class. So today during Ornithology class I decided that yes Dr Dolby is kind of cute and he could make it on my hit list but that would be sick...having two profesors on the hit list...maybe it's my repression coming out. Today I went home and kind of waited for my "friend" Matt to call but he never did....I guess he's not so pressed about making out anymore....yeah right! The high light of my day was going to Target and buying a photo album and turning in Scarlet and my film from the Count Me Out show on Monday. All I have to say is that their better be a picture of the 18 year old and the Minor Threat guy (they are so hot) I'm going home now to pick up something I need to finish my paper which is rare because I hate going home. Hope you guys had fun at Orchestra. Let's have a partay at Trinkle again that was fun last night!!!

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