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:: Thursday, March 14, 2002 ::

Wow, today has been alot better then yesterday. I got up too early and with no sleep (as usual), but i got tons of work done by 11 AM. Then i met with Norwood to get my abstract read and my webpage working...check it out
Its worth it! So then, i went to lunch with my new hall girls that i handnt seen in a while, then to classes...suffering and evil was especiallly good today and i've decided i'm going to read yet another book for that class (which is crazy since its pass/fail and i dont need to put any effort into it). Then, my conducting class with the maestro C...which was so intimidating but i learned SO SO SO much. Then chamber orchestra and flute practice...then orchestra, then i ran, then here to trinkle. And i did that all without sobbing or losing my mind...major props should be given to me

Speaking of props...go scarlet on that recital audition...YOU ROCK!

Peace out guys...hope tom. is just as okay as today was!

:: Julianne 12:42 AM [+] ::
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