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:: Friday, March 08, 2002 ::

Well! Todays sucess rating:7. I still have some famous reading to do but other then that i made some headway on geography and even a lil on my seminar. Isnt it strange how when school is in session i never do work and when school is on break, all i do is work. Hmmm...ironic ya think? I'm waiting for scarlet to return from her philly show tonight, but she's going to be late, so i'm not waiting up for her ass (sorry scarlet). But i'll get a full report in the morning. Plus, i left her a cupcake, so that is ALL that matters.

Yay! Tomorrow, the second to last day before break is over :o(, but scarlet, tricia, and I are having a picnic and enjoying the fabulous weather we have been having (and get a tan). So hopefully, it will be stupendous! I know it will be actually. Well, i have nothing else exciting once again (cant wait for school to start back up so the excitement can once again resume)!

:: Julianne 11:54 PM [+] ::
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