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:: Friday, March 15, 2002 ::

Well there was some ass kicking last night Brian and I got into this loud yelling fight before the show and in front of some of the opening act's bandmates. Well after that Brian ignored me for the rest of the night and talked to Scarlet, until she went for a few minutes leaving Brian and I alone and that's when he started probing me for answers about skiing but I didnt feel like talking so I gave him one word answers. What really pissed me off was that he kept asking Scarlet about my best friend Teresa and her trip to Cancun, Mexico (you dumbass!!!) Well enough with the annoying stuff. So the Pavers rocked!!!! After the show we hung around and got set lists. They offered us a ride to our car because of the "scary" Richmond Streets and we ended up showing them the way to 95N where we lost them on the highway (Scarlet will expand on the evening...I dont feel like typing)

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