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:: Monday, March 11, 2002 ::

Things That Are Making Me Want To Cry At The Moment:
~My allergies are horrendous, prescription drugs won't even stop them! This much sneezing has got to be bad for me!
~Verizon did not have the phone I want, damn them. And they also looked at me like I am crazy when I said I have a number now that is local to Fauquier and Fredericksburg. BUT I DO!
~I only have 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.....its a tragedy
~My room is a mess, no room. I hate it. It's also dusty which is NOT helping the sneezing problem. But it's impossbile to properly clean because there is no room!
~Spring is on it's way:(
~I suck at Botany and it's going to be the bane of my existness until May 11th when I know I got an okay grade.
~I can only *listen* to Trail of Dead and not hang out with them anymore and that makes me sad.
The Green Day/Blink 182 concert is a no go...damn teenyboppers! Can you REMEMBER Dookie? I didn't think so. Ali is the only cool teenager there is. (She's likes ALL)
~I have to drive home tonite to pick up the things I forgot, ugh! I hhhhate tdriving on boring. Those tickets better be there or I really will cry!
~My eyes keep watering (from allergies)
~I have seminar today, It's like the SNL NPR ladies FROM HELL! I can't handle it...If I feel badly then I am going to leave.
~I have a lot of clothes to put away, and thats one of my least favorite things to do
~The only thing that cures my allergies, as I have found, is RAWK-I need to work on this.
~My head hurts.

I need to go now. There are so many things I'd rather be doing. Why is it Monday. fdjkfjsdaifjiawfnewa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxoo I guess

:: Miss Scarlet 2:01 PM [+] ::
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