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:: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 ::

Things Bad About Today:
~not so good IM conversationg (strange how i base my life on IM conversations)
~chamber orchestra sucked (told you it would)
~fell on my hand (thats when all the bad stuff started happening)
~godfather-UGH! must detach
~csa council:way too long of a meeting
~conducting shit i have not done but needed to have done yesterday
~i'm forbidden to have a web page apparently
~ugh...why why why! (dr. cain actually told me why ppl often ask why in suffering and evil today) see me for theodicy explanations

So, having said that i'm going to try and sleep...but we all know about my insomniatic tendencies...and the fact that right now all i ever do is think...must have some milk to wash down the pop tart i just ate...

:: Julianne 1:06 AM [+] ::
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