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:: Friday, March 01, 2002 ::

OKAY...SO unproductive tonight...and it doesnt help that *most of my friends are at the frat party and the baltimore boys are drinking and nicks drinking and well...i'm sitting here sober because of this recital audition tom. Man, recitals can suck it. I cant pack because i need to put unessential stuff at the bottom of my backpack, and all thats stuff is stuff i need for tom. morning to get ready. Shite, what will i wear to my audition...

Man, i'm mush...i cant do anything except sit at a computer and type. I bet my roomates think i'm addicted to onlineness...i think i am. hmm...i also have a major headache. I think i need to get to bed earlier then i have been this week. Need to be well rested...but want to stay up...i like ellipses too much.

Well, i really have nothing else to add, but of course, schumann died of syphillis too...

:: Julianne 12:15 AM [+] ::
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