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:: Friday, March 08, 2002 ::

Okay, so first my props to scarlet you can score a set list better then any other 451 bitch i know. MAD props on getting on the guest list. And, i'll leave the door unlocked for you tonight...feel free to eat a chocolate cupcake if there are any left.

Now, the real business. Today is just a beautiful day. Spring is almost here and i'm so excited to get a tan again. Maybe i'll even splurge and go to a tanning bed to get a good start. Or maybe just spend all of saturday at the park or something. It sounds like a good idea. I'm so ghostly i need a lil color. But alas, i have about a million things left to do today. I just finished cleaning and working out and now to pollard for a lil bit of practicing ( a run through...recital is in three weeks) and then back here to get massive amounts of work done on both geography and seminar paper. *hate work* So, i'll give you an update tonight on what trouble i have gotten myself into tonight!

Peace out sisters~

:: Julianne 1:00 PM [+] ::
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