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:: Monday, March 11, 2002 ::

Okay, so the day did get off to a hectic start with craziness in the music lab. But i woke up in a great mood and its done nothing but go up up up...however, i fear when something bad will hapen and hope that nothing bad will ever happen again.

One bad thing that has potential badness is conducting tonight...if i have to conduct chamber might not turn out so well. So *hopefully* he will decide its good to go for tonight.

I was late to everyone of my classes ex. seminar today...and not just late but like 10 minutes later jules walks into class...but i had valid reasons for being late to each class...and thats all that really matters, right?

Oh well...thats all for glad school is back in session...for some odd reason i miss you guys when youre not around *what* am i going to do after graduation? (besides move to the UK and marry a scot?)

:: Julianne 5:19 PM [+] ::
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