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:: Thursday, March 14, 2002 ::

Ok I want everyone to know that the MWC Police can suck my balls!!!!!!!!!! Those Bastards are such dumbasses. So I appealed my parking tickets and neither one of them got the charges dropped. I know people who have done a lot worst things with the MWC parking situation and nothing happened to them and that's why I'm pissed. I'm going to kick some ass tomorrow. Well on a much more happy note THE PAVERS are tonight and Scarlet and I have plans to cause some trouble!!! I got my Count Me Out pictures back...Scarlet has the rest of them. From now on after this entry I will be censoring my blogs because SOOOO many people read this and some of the stuff I say I dont really want it to get out. Why wont 9 PM hurry up and come...45 MINUTES!! I'm so bored and annoyed! People better watch out I'm going to kick some ass if anyone annoys me (BRIAN GIBSON!)

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