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:: Sunday, March 17, 2002 ::

MUST blog about last night or i NEVER WILL...

So, i wasnt really happy about going to nicks, but i was a bit sad so i needed a party to cheer me up. However, when i got to nicks, withen one minute, laura and I realized nick's sucked. Pat was not doing well, buck and james were playing nintendo...and well there are other reasons that i cannot mention here. So, Van, Laura, And I decided to go out on the town. *SO SAD THAT SCARLET DID NOT JOIN US* It would have made the night perfect if you would have been there scarlet. Oh yeah, and i did i mention i had on a st. patties day hat AND a flag that said "erin go bragh"? (you will need to know about htis flag later). So, we hop in the car to go downtown and we are on williams street, when all the sudden Laura is like "hey vanessa, i think those guys know you in that car right there". Well, we did the obvious thing to do at a stop light...put it in reverse and see who the guys were. It turns out, we had no clue who they were and told them to follow us to Spirits~it was the place to be. And follow us they did~ So three, young, single guys...three young, single do the math. I chugged SO MUCH BEER. AND the flag mentioned earlier, was our beer pitcher flag so we wouldnt get our precious miller messed up with anyone elses. The guys turned out to be yankees from NY (one just moved down here, the other two were visiting). And i just want to say, last night got my mind off my issues so much. But then things turned bad. At last call, we decided to go back to nicks *i was so drunk this was such a bad decision on my part* I did NOT realize how sick pat was...i've never seen anyone that sick from alcohol nick got mad cause i brought three strange guys back. But, to my credit the guys stayed outside and nick never saw them. After that, the night was a bust, and i *had* to have a meeting with my own bathroom. So somehow, i got back to my own place (still trying to figure out how and hoping my car is here). So, that was last night. Phew, it was a hell of a way to end the week from hell. Now i have a study session in 20 minutes, then a rehearsal, then church, then a meeting, then possibly more drinking...:o) HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!

:: Julianne 10:29 AM [+] ::
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