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:: Friday, March 15, 2002 ::

Man, when you look at your weekend and find you have no free time...then you know youre way to busy...and thats what i am. Somehow i was cojoled (is that a word?) into have the after orchestra party at my place...this means no PT time for jules (thats personal time) and i've got a million things to get together this weekend. Oh well. Big lunch today with dr. b, maestro C, and mr. J. Should be interesting...a two hour meal with them (might need a couple beers to get throught it, but i'm sure they would not object to that). Well, everyone reading this should COME TO THE ORCHESTRA CONCERT TONIGHT IT DODD. What more could you want, its FREE...8PM!!! (after there is a party at my place i've heard...its byob btw...) So another shitty day begins and hopefully i'll survive. My momj is currently ignoring my IM's...i'm beginning to get to that stage in life when you realize your parents are more of a hindrance in your life rather then a help. Isnt that sad! Well, i suppose that i should get dressed or something, i need to get this day started.

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