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:: Monday, March 18, 2002 ::

Man, being Irish for 24 hours really helped me out alot. I got *kissed* so many times last night...:o) all i have to say is the streak is over...wish i could be irish everyday. that one guy though scared me he said "how bout some tongue lil lady" **too bad i lose all sense of good judgement when i'm drunk** oh well, i didnt remember that moment till half way through orchestra anyway, so it doesnt matter.

somehow i made it through today...and i'm so jazzed because I HAVE FOUND A DREAM JOB for me up in baltimore, i would have rathered it be in DC (closer to Catholic U if i decide to go) but, from what matt tells me balty is a nice town (anything is better then fburg)...but anyway, today's orchestra rehearsall....i'm sick of my life being one huge rehearsal (even if its for CARNEGIE HALL) Oh, and i am brining my laptop, so you guys will get updates on life in NYC.

Tom. is going to suck because from 9 AM to 9 PM i have something to do every hour including a test and a conducting lesson, both which i'm NOT prepared for. This two conducting lessons from two dif profs a week is kinda stressful...ugh.

Senior recital in less then two weeks...hope to see everyone there.

Oh well...must study or do soemthing else productive...

:: Julianne 12:53 AM [+] ::
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