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:: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 ::

Julianne's Dream Last Night
So, it was the day before we left for carnegie hall...but somehow it was AFTER my senior recital(which incidentally is not even possible)...but i decided i really needed to buy a camera, so i decided that i had to buy the camera at tysons. So, i skipped conducting and went to tysons to buy the camera. On my way back on 495, i missed the 95 exit cause my mom called. So, i kept talking to her and decided that i didnt want to go back to that horrid school. So, instead, i wanted to go to the ESPN Sports Zone in Baltimore (which describes my inner yearning to just go somewhere and play all day). So...of i went to baltimore. In the meantime, everyone started calling me, like scarlet and andrew, but i decided it was my vacation for a day and i wouldnt answer the phone. ***So then, i got into baltimore and realized I had no clue where the ESPN sportszone was. This was quite an issue for me so somehow in my dream i fixed this by ending up at a beach (scarlet confirmed for me this morning that there is no beach in baltimore...i sure didnt think so). So, it was really cold, and i remember running into the ocean with all my clothes on cause i was really insane and just losing it (which shares with you my mindset right now). Anyway, then i got really cold cause all my clothes were wet...and then, i woke up at precisly 6:38 and thought i was late because the sun was up and i had once again threw my alarm clock to the other side of the room. *phew* So...who wants to analyze this crazyiness?

Addendum: Scarlet and I have planned our first official senior skip day in accordance to this dream...we are going to ESPN sports zone the week after next, we decided we def needed a play day...van youre welcome to come too (duh it wouldnt be the drunken endeavor without you!)

love to my bithches!

:: Julianne 5:28 PM [+] ::
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