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:: Thursday, March 07, 2002 ::

I have a senior recital/ spring formal/ grad ball find dates to spring formal and grad ball. I'll take any bidders...Just a hint...i'm going to look so hot in my dress, so you better step up now. On a sad note, i'm now broke AND have a huge headache that i have had ever since the exciting traffic in DC. It wasnt bad...just pestering.

On a bright note (and shoot me because i'm saying this). I'm ready to get back to school. I get bored really quickly...even though i have about a million things left to do. I am on page 80 of my book though...this is tremendous progress. So...there is still work to be done. I will get going. Sorry my blogs arent to eventful, see what happens to my life when school is not in session. What am i going to do after graduation!

:: Julianne 11:35 PM [+] ::
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