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:: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 ::

I am reading an article about Jimmy Fallon in Spin, I *heart* him....Did you all see him when he came to MWC? He was SO cute and funny! i would have jumped his bones on stage....was that outloud? You know, when I went to see the Foo Fighters play at the Black Cat *and I was right up front! (had to throw that in)* I wanted to wear a shirt that said "Want To Jump Your Bones" but I didn't...even though its true. So so true.

I am now on an artcle of the "Readers Poll 2001" and sum 41 is over radiohead so I have to excuse myself to go slit my wrists! they are also above blink 182..puhlease just on cuteness blink 182 wins....Tom Delonge-another musician I'd like to have my way with! hehe


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