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:: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 ::

Have I ever told you guys about my AWESOME CONDUCTING friend SAMEER? Well, you guys are missing out. So, here it goes, a whole blog devoted a friend that i have come to cherish and look forward to talking with every day.

Who is sameer? Sameer is Sameer Patel of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Where does he go to school? Only the finest music institution in the US...U of Mich
What year is he? He is a sophmore
Is he an awesome conducter? Yes, the best part about his conducting is his conducting hair...i still remember it...
Best memory i have of sameer and I's friendship: Gosh...its all so difficult...but it would HAVE to be going back on the vienna subway after saying goodbye to jon...i just looked in his eyes and we both knew we were sad about all the leaving...and even though it was so sad, i was so happy i'd found a great new friend
Best Second Memory: sameer and beer just dont mix "julianne will you finish my beer please"
Best third memory: Sameer recalling the fight between the two german men at the furstenhoff
Best attribute sameer has: His hair, but his eyes are fucking awesome too
Best thing about sameer lately: My lil' boy is growing up! (i'm so proud)
Most fun thing i'm looking forward to this summer: Spending some time in europe with sameer and doing PCC again so he can kick my ass in conducting!
Sameer's fav composer (well i think so at least, he'll never shut up about him): Mahler

So, i think you guys get the point that this is one friend i could NOT live without. I would have never guessed that after PCC last year, i'd come back with such wonderful friends (i'll blog about ROBIN another day). But for now, today has had enough dramas and i'll have another story to share with you tomorow. I'm going to try and sleep.

:: Julianne 1:34 AM [+] ::
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