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:: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ::

As I type, Scarlet is below me kicking some clarinet ass on her senior recital audition. I know she's wowing them even more then i would wow that darned ole faculty (and thats saying alot). Senior recital auditions suck (glad mines over with) *whew*

So, wednesdays normally dont suck, because i dont have a lot to do and its Hard Times night (beer and pool). However due to the enormous amont of concertage coming up (this friday, next wed, next next sun, and next next next fri) Today is full of rehearsals that are really going to cramp my style. I also have a conducting lesson with the polish dude *scary*. But i'm listening to a little Bach violin sonata to put me in the mood to face the day. I've already been productive by writing my abstract for a meeting that i have with Norwood today *another reason why today is going to be interesting*. So, no Hard Times because i'm broke and i did buy einsteins AND ice cream and chips yesterday.

I'm going to sit here and finish my Dr. Pepper (maybe ONE day i'll twist the cap and actually win--youd think i would have won already with how much i drink the stuff)

peace out and have a great day my friends~

:: Julianne 9:47 AM [+] ::
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