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:: Saturday, March 09, 2002 ::

As I sit in my room here at home listening to "Source Tags & Codes" (Trail of Dead of course), my first CD purchase in quite awhile, but oh so worth it, I have decided the time has come to blog about last night's events. Oh boy....(I warn you, this will be long):
After going to the Allergy Doctor (a visit about 10 years too late) I got to Fredericksburg at about 4:20 (hehe) and after picking up Anna, we were on the road and headed to Philly with a full tank of gas, a plethora of CDs, and very excited attitudes-you have no idea. By the way, did I use that word correctly? Plethora, it was a vocab word in 8th grade. Anyway, I digress.
I won't go into details about the trip up but there was definite traffic at the WW Bridge on 495 and at Baltimore 895 so it took us a bit longer to get there than it should have. We go to Philly at I think about 8:50 or something and turned onto South St. which was so crowded and people were EVERYWHERE but we actually managed to park right in front of the club! My parallel parking skillz rawk!
Aaron (the drummer from Those Peabody's) came through for us and we were on the guest list so we got in free and found out camera were allowed-yes! We had such great timing bc we didnt' have to wait too long, which would have been awful bc I am the most restless person at shows, but we scored a spot right up front=)
I guarded Anna's spot and she went to maket he rounds to see if she saw any bands guys and even though she didn't, she found out from the adorable bartender that there was supposed to be some party afterwards and *maybe* we could go since we were on the guest list. Anna and I were basically on Cloud 90000 at that point. Those Peabody's went on first and Aaron waved to us and after playing a really good set he came over and shook us hands and thanked us for coming. But then the guy next to me went crazy and was like "YOU WERE SO GOOD" so Aaron left after shaking his hand. Hmm.
The second band, whose name I am drawing a blank on-ahhh, was pretty good. They were more poppy but were very entertaining. Especially since the lead singer had a little Dave Grohlian in him, hehe. They were all dressed in black and liked ot have the crowd clap a lot.
After they played Aaron all of a sudden was behind us and said something about the show so we chatted for a minute which was cool, he's really nice. Then.....THEN......It was time for Trail Of Dead to play. I can't even explain how exciting it is to see them live. They live up to their name....
Conrad is awesome, I love how he dances/sways when he plays and his hair is so cool. Man, I feel like a loser saying these things but I don't even care. He gets really into the songs. His singing rules as well.
Jason is psychotic. In a very good way. He looks crazy when he drums bc it's so fast and crazy, I love it! And he seems to be the most destructive with guitars and such. He has a good screaming voice, hubada.
Kevin is the quiet guy. Just doing his thing in the back, constantly working the feedback on the amps and seemingly keeping things together as he is stillest one, he doesn't dance around too much.
Neil is an animal. Bass players rock my world and he does not dissapoint! He has the cutest swaying/playing style when he sings and when he's grinding it out he's either playing on the floor, holding it like a gun (hard to explain) or bent down with the tuning pegs end touching the groud, craziness. Does any of that make sense?
Yeah so, the set totally ruled, it was the same as the other night but I didn't mind one bit. It allows you to focus on something else. Usually people watch the person singing but it's fun to watch the other guys in their own world yet in the song world...Damn, I need to stop snorting coke.
The Destruction: It began when Conrad was pulled (sort of jumped) into the crowd and fell down and I thought people were going to hurt him because people seemed to gravitate towards the guitar and tried to play it. Anyway, he got out of there ok, I would have protected him, babay! Then they started throwing the drum set and it pretty much was destroyed, parts of it anyway. And a guitar was being thrown on it, and at one point either Jason or Conrad threw the metal piece from the high hat onto the bass drum which was dangerously close to Neil who was "Neil"ing (haha) down messing with the music. Anna got a good "after" picture I think...Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Anna took about 8 rolls of film over the two nites, YAY!
I even managed to score a drum stick when one of the gutiar tech guys threw them out! Don't mess with me when it comes to getting drum sticks, I'll know you down!
We didn't really talk to the TOD guys too much then because they were talking to other people and Aaron was with us then. Anna mentioned the party and he didn't really know about it but asked someone and then asked us to stay! Woohoo! So as all of those other unlucky fools were heading home Anna and I were headed to the upstairs bar area where there was an open bar and the three bands were chillin' and partying! I have never been so excited in my life (ok, minor exageration) and we talked to Aaron a lot and Adam, the drummer from the second band (we're going to get matching tattoos "Fuck The Drums", haha, rrright), and we got some quality time with the Trail Of Dead guys then. It was super fun. They all kept telling us to get a drink since it was an open bar but I had to drive and I don't think Anna wanted anything. But then I decided I had to take advantage of the opportunity so I got a rum and coke (BACARDI babay!), yum.
I won't bore you with the conversation details but I must throw in that I passed Jason about 4 times and each time he was like "hey, see ya!" "take care" "bye now" "drive safely" sweet. And I love Kevin...and Neil (even though he is shy) and Conrad-babay. And I loved the bartender who had the cutest accent. I could have done without the skanky ass girl in silver pants, but the guys seemed to be afraid of her too so it's all good. We ended up leaving at about 1:45AM or so but not before getting hugs from EVERYONE! (OH yeah, and I got to use the backstage bathroom, hehe).
Wow, what a great nite. We got back to Fredericksburg at 5AM!!!!! I can't believe I made it driving there and back to Philly. Mad props to my 451 girl Julianne for leaving her door open and setting out blankets and pillows for me, MUCH APPRECIATED! I was exhausted. I'm tired just thinking about it....and on that note...I am going to end this massive blog...
Crap, one more thing. Our picnic lunch today, while without sun, still ruled and I had a great time with my 2 best friends;)


:: Miss Scarlet 8:13 PM [+] ::
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