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:: Sunday, February 24, 2002 ::

Yes I would like to thank Villanova boys too...even though one particular one got me sick...oh well! The 451 road trip to Baltimore was definately a success in more ways than one...Julianne got to see her friend Matt and his roommate Colin, Scarlet and I dominanted the Beer Pong Table (beating three teams...including the Villanova team), Scarlet did that 2 minute keg stand, we yelled "444455551111" a lot and scared the preppy Loyola Girls. Some down falls included getting locked out trying to looking for Scarlet (even though I had fun singing by myself out side) and Colin threatening not to let me back in if I went on a walk with a particular Loyola guy (cock blocker...just kidding :P) These down falls only served to make the evening better in hindsight!
Saturday night was ok although I do wish I could have stayed up for the entire movie..."Yes, Have Some!"

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