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:: Thursday, February 28, 2002 ::

Well, my rehearsal with Kathy didnt go so well, so i had to come back to the Pollard tonight to practice, but it went okay. I'm just really worn out and kinda sad that everyone is leaving for break (i know i'm weird). Went out shopping with nick and we stole some beer for the ski trip (yay beer is good). I wish pat and steven had not backed out cause the more guys the more fun and i wish we could have found someone to replace them...but no guys wanted to. I even stooped so low as to ask a girl to come! But alas, no one was able or willing. Skiing i hope will be fun. Then back here to work all week.

So, tomorrow* i have my senior recital audition (shreek) and then less then an hour after that hopefully we will be on the road. But we'll see. So i'll be taking a break from the blog, but rest assured, i'll be back with a full update on sunday night!


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