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:: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ::

Thanks scarlet for dedicating a song to me! I really appreciate it! I needed it too! So anyway, i have been studying my arse off, it better pay off because i really need a B in this class.

~coffee with bailey's in it (thanks scarlet and megs)
~funny emails from dr. baker & my conducting lesson
~andrew taking a dump (well its just funny)
~senior skip day pt.1 (part 2 is on friday)
~coffee this morning from megs (again thanks)
~451 ski trip is 1 day away
~chinese food for dinner
~sameer and I planned out this summer...sorta

~mean old doctor
~i screwed things up with the godfather (see me for details)
~no hard times tonight (and i will miss my good brian {prhg})
~i skipped all my classes (i'm behind now)
~pat is still not talking to me
~i got no sleep last night
~my room is such a mess and packing looms on the horizon
~after i come back from the ski trip...its work time :o(
~i'm still in the music lab
~studying sucks

okay, so now that i have this blog out of the way, i'm going to try and get back to studying, okay?

:: Julianne 10:02 PM [+] ::
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