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:: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 ::

So tonight was successful...I talked to Vera about our week plans (Screw my test by the way), Dante (from Loyola College) IMed me, I'm going to Richmond again, and Vera and I are going to ladies night on Thursday up in Baltimore....I have plans for Baltimore but I dont want to screw them up....something involving Dante and Beer :) Well I feel like asshole because of my "Strep Throat" but suddenly I feel a lot better because I had an exciting evening. YES im does make my world's official I'm a nerd. I cant wait to ski and yes Scarlet and Julianne we will impress those guys at the ski resort as much as we did the Loyola and Villanova guys. PS I found out my family got me sick and not the Villanova guy and NO WE ARENT FROM WEST VIRGINIA SO WE WERE NOT MAKING OUT!!! Maybe Dante and I will eventually make babies together (I hope he doesnt read that...if he does oh well...JUST KIDDING)

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