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:: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ::

So I have relocated my studying niche for the third time today...three's a charm....maybe but maybe not. So the 451 Bitches just got done eating the best Chinnneeessseee (sp? I sounded it out :P) food ever. I have two tests tomorrow (Ornithology and Math Modeling) and I'm finally feeling better after a week of not being able to drink beer. Tomorrow Vera and I are going on another road tripe (hahah) to Baltimore. I'm not sure what we're going to do....we have options. Of course I want to go party like a rockstar since my tests will be done at about 3:15 tomorrow. Vera heard from one of her friends that goes to Loyola that they are having "Seniors Night" at a bar where it's all you can drink for $12 so hopefully we'll go there and find you know who...D_ _ _ e (with ant between them). The other option is to go to a show at Hal Daddys where it's Ladies Night...Ok back to studying about birds....P.S. I Love the Hairy Woodpecker!!!

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