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:: Sunday, February 24, 2002 ::

Okay, fuck all this...i just wrote this long blog and it just disappeared before my very eyes...

So, waking up at 1:30 PM to Mozarts 40th ringing in my ear and realizing i was supposed to be at orchestra 30 minutes ago was just a great way to start my day. I had no clue i could sleep that long without intteruption. This week is going to suck because i have so so much stuff to do and i just cant help but ponder "whats this life for?" So...looks like my permanent bad mood is coming back...

The 451 bitches visited Baltimore on Friday night. WE'd like to thank both Matt and Colin for their wonderful hospitality. We'd also like to thank the boys from Villanova for their...hmmm....well...just being there...The trip was a sucess despite the tragedy which was traffic, but i enjoyed myself and loved getting to see Matt and Colin again...hopefully they will invite us back soon enough to go bar hopping in good ole baltimore...(hint hint)...

Days to 451 spring break: TOO MANY (aka 4)...then its back to fburg to work my ass off and get my seminar done. But it will be all good...
Thats it for me now...cheers!

:: Julianne 5:21 PM [+] ::
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