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:: Monday, February 25, 2002 ::

OK, OK, I finially made it to visit the blog site to see all the glory that is the 451 in writting. I must say that are some pretty dedicated members in our group who write religiously and I will try to live up to their standards. Lets see, this past and comming week are moving along fast but not fast enough cause I'm going to the Bahamas!!!! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and bathe in the sun, and who knows, the 451 might even get some little presents back :-). I'm going to enjoy my long road trip, cruise, snorking, and of couse cheep carribean rum, yum! Here's to Geeks on Parade (I'm going with comp sci people)! The only downfall of the past few days is my uffortunate run in with the MWC police. For those of you who don't know my parking has been suspended b/c I took advantage of the polices stupidity in giving me a commuter sticker so for now I have to park 10 walking minutes away. It sucks but I must say I'm going to enjoy being in the Police Beat (be sure to check out the next issue!). The weekend though was awsome... good party, hanging out, sleeping in past 7 (thank god), and of course the movie I slept through (sorry guys). Well, I have to get to studying. Its times like these that I ponder the necessity of learning well, computer history and theory. But alas, only 2 more months....later all!

:: Jennifer 8:03 PM [+] ::
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