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:: Sunday, February 24, 2002 ::

Man, that was the longest orchestra rehearsal of my life! I am so exhausted now. High Points: Meaghan calling Jules DURING the first piece and then playing football during our last break...Low Points: The rest of it.
Note to self: Do not watch the Food Network while famished. I have so much crap to do tonite and the rest of the week, it sucks. It's too bad I can't drop my bio major and just have music, It's a bit too late, eh? I can't handle Botany, its so boring and I am so bad at taking tests. I am definitely not looking at my grade on this past test.
So I think we should take a Family photo since I just got a tripod for my camera. And also one with the extended members, ok? ok!
It's a good thing this dude is making something gross on the Food Netowrk, phew.

:: Miss Scarlet 5:52 PM [+] ::
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