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:: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 ::

If I'm awake she might as well be!
~Words from my dad at 7:45 AM in regards to my sleeping habits to my roommate!

SO, vanessa is going to BALTIMORE...and i'm not included in the plans! I see how it is..bitch! (just kidding) I wish i didnt have my stupid senior recital audition on Friday, or it would have been the perfect way to celebrate music history FINALLY being over. Today though, i MUST finishe my internship application. Anyone who sees me say "FINISH THE APPLICATION JULES" i need some stern reinforcement.

Today hmmm i have to get my thoughts together on what and where i'm actually doing and going...i hate waking up in the morning and NOT knowing what day it is. Its the strangest feeling ever!

3 more days till 451 spring break! DONT FORGET TO GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!

:: Julianne 8:20 AM [+] ::
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