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:: Monday, February 25, 2002 ::

I decided if i blog before i get to trinkle, i'll get more done at trinkle (yeah, right) orchestra sucked, i got them at the end of rehearsal and things just wernt in sync...half that was my fault cause i was so tired from my delicious outback meal. Thats right, andrew, scarlet, and i enjoyed the fruits of outback tonight. That was a highlight of my day. Now though, i realize i left my cd player at home...OH, but i have my head phones downstairs so i'll just HAVE to study on a computer in trinkle ( me an excuse to be more addicted to IM).

At dinner tonight we pondered what the word "eventually" were so options: eventually as in we'll know eachother for a while, eventually as in eventually we'll have sex, eventually as in eventually we'll have babies, eventually as in eventually we'll get married, eventually as in evetually we'll fall madly in love...hmm...all good choices, and all VERY positive...which is something i like about the 451...always very postive. What do you guys think of "eventually"

So tonight i have a full docket of music history on tap. WOO HOO! I wish something could come and break me out of this monotonous world...wait 451 ski trip! but then boring times after that. Ugh, i need coffee before trinkle...i also need to change out of my sexy clothes (i was looking good today for my recital) Which, by the way went fabulously...but i'm not going to practice tonight cause i'm too too tired. Hmm...mental note: dont forget rehearsal with Kathy tom. afternoon.

Peace out my 451!

:: Julianne 9:23 PM [+] ::
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