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:: Monday, February 25, 2002 ::

Eggo waffles are the best on a monday morning when one has had less then four hours of sleep. Today is a big day! Mondays always are...i have boring classes and then my first recital appearance of the semester (what am i gonna where...this is yet to be determined). Then i'll be doing a lil conducting and then who knows where this day will take me...most likely trinkle to once again have music history mock me.

Top Ten Things that Suck About This Week
10. there are 4 more days left of it
9. Pat may back out of the ski trip (pat-CALL ME)
8. my wrist hurts
7. I must not skip any classes until friday
6. I had a seminar proposal due last week? what?
5. Dr. PPN
4. Recital today
3. Senior recital audition on Friday
2. i still have NOT finished my london internship application

:: Julianne 8:34 AM [+] ::
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