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:: Saturday, February 23, 2002 ::

As I sit here eating my dinner and waiting for yet another 451 event to begin (movie and forties night) i ponder what it means to be 451 (cue emotional soundtrack here). Its not like 451 came easily to us, those not in the core 451 family had to work to achieve thier status. Me, for instance, as head bitch, had to endure long gruelling nights of drunkeness, the crapulence which is the 451 home base, and the honor of hosting my very own 451 events. Let us not forget the constant pool playing, beer drinking, wing eating wednesday nights that keep us going. Also an integral part of being 451 means learning a whole new vocabulary. To name a few..."cunt face" "yes, have some" "you are awful" and my dear dear favorite, "4444444445555555551111111111" You have to be down with the lingo and you have to be quick on your toes to make come backs. This is the wit that is the 451. First and foremost is however, the loyalty of the 451. Knowing that you are always going to have someone there to hold you up when doing a keg stand, to hold your hair when kneeling over a toilet, to touch your ass just when you needed it to be touched (did you just touch my ass?) The commradery which is displayed in the 451 blows me away. I sit back in awe wondering how a group who consumes so much alcohol and attends so many events can keep going. But then i remember. We are the 451...whether we be core, bitches, or wanna be's...we are the 451...and we have a duty to those non 451ners to spread the lushness, beligerance, and pure madness to the world. And that, my friends, is what it means to be 451.

:: Julianne 9:48 PM [+] ::
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